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We are delighted to announce

A high-level gathering in the heart of Europe, our first edition of connecting in person and creating the future of clean waters, directly located at the beautiful shore of the Danube River.

This symposium's content will be beneficial for
the following industries and many more:

Oil companies, oil spill remediation companies, salvage companies, marinamanagements, harbor & port management, offshore shipping companies, leisure boating, power boating.

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The presented devices are highly innovative, far more efficient,
timesaving and
 cost-effective than any other technology in place.

Separation is our drive and the forte of our business. However, connection is our purpose. Our mission is to clean shores, ports, surfaces of lakes and oceans, rivers and ponds - through applied physic.

We are excited to invite you to

This first edition of our International Clear Water Symposium. A think tank, an opportunity to present innovative technology, to enjoy the beautiful city of Vienna during spring, the season of nature's rebirth - Fueled by water.

Please stay tuned

Don’t miss the first International Clear Water Symposium! Register today and we will be sending you an invitation with a detailed event program and travelling arrangement options shortly.